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-The Guardian- -The Guardian-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


After watching your video and thus watching lindsey stirlings videos on youtube, I got the lindsey stirling easteregg :D.
Great video, cool animation with a very fascinating atmosphere. I love lightning pillars flashing to the sky :D.

EFN Episode 3: Purpose EFN Episode 3: Purpose

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is one of the best things i've ever seen.
the animations and movements are so fluent and your voice actors do their job really great.
i love this story. it's mysterious and full of action and "drama". can't wait to see more! this is really getting exciting.

also nice german accent of the scientist ;).

ten stars and a bottle of coke for you :3

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~Dragonfly Clouds!~ ~Dragonfly Clouds!~

Rated 4 / 5 stars

in soviet russia, songs listen to you!

friendly and uplifting. you created a nice feeling throughout the song there :).

whole thing reminds me a bit of a waterflamish, glorious morning ;).

i think the instruments are all together well-chosen. you did well on the breaks, though i find the first break ends a bit too soon.

also the beat is very well designed, good work!

for the future i would wish myself a piece with more parts not that much derrived from each other but still fit well together - something like "verse, chorus, bridge" etc, you know the deal ;). no need to fit to a typical "rock song" arrangement, but just some more differnce in the parts ;). i think this greatly improves the dynamics of a piece. don't get me wrong - you did well on the dynamics, but may still be improved ;).

in a nutshell, very well done, but you sure can improve here and there in the future. still everyone has his own opinion on everything, so if you don't really like to change things i mentioned, just leave it be - that's also the way i go ;).

so far, my first review finished. see ya soon!
greetings from the other side of the globe :D

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Atundra responds:

hey thanks for the review man! I completely know what you mean about the song structure part! I will try and see if I can make it a bit better next time :D

Thanks man!